RDW Recognized

Truck Trading Holland is recognized as RDW member authorized to provide the following services RDW:
Dutch registered vehicles are equipped with export of a formal export declaration and logged in RDW system.

Logging in and out for Dutch registered vehicles in the RDW online system.

Logout associated with indemnification. The vehicle will be added in our company stock. The paper you will get is your evidence for cancellation of insurance, road tax and property.

For the Dutch customer who buys a Dutch marking of vehicle, Truck Trading Holland care if desired, the ascription of this vehicle in the name of the customer.
RDW inspections, provide foreign vehicles of a Dutch registration certificate and any MOT.

As a valued partner of Cargo-export we operate in a fixed and accurate pattern on the entire settlement documents. Online logoff badges (via the RDW system) to the issuing of green (insurance) cards and customs forms.




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