The sale prices are always Ex Works, Incoterms 2000 netto from our yard in Terborg. Once you have purchased a vehicle from us, we can facilitate a range of services. For example we can help you with transportation, shipping, temporary export plates, insurance and export documents for the vehicle, for an easy and simplified import into the country of destination. Below we explain this further, if you want to know more, we would like to hear from you.

RDW Recognized

Truck Trading Holland is recognized as RDW member authorized to provide the following services RDW:
Dutch registered vehicles are equipped with export of a formal export declaration and logged in RDW system.

Logging in and out for Dutch registered vehicles in the RDW online system.

Logout associated with indemnification. The vehicle will be added in our company stock. The paper you will get is your evidence for cancellation of insurance, road tax and property.

For the Dutch customer who buys a Dutch marking of vehicle, Truck Trading Holland care if desired, the ascription of this vehicle in the name of the customer.
RDW inspections, provide foreign vehicles of a Dutch registration certificate and any MOT.

As a valued partner of Cargo-export we operate in a fixed and accurate pattern on the entire settlement documents. Online logoff badges (via the RDW system) to the issuing of green (insurance) cards and customs forms.

Transportation and shipment

Through our years of experience, you can use our extensive network of (truck) transport companies, freight forwarders and shipping companies. Together we make every effort to get your purchase fast, cost effective and also safe at their destination.
In some cases it is possible to insure your vehicle, ask for the possibilities.

Customs formalities

When transporting vehicles outside the EU, various customs documents are required. The most needed document is a document EX1 (sagitta). In some countries also requires a statement EUR1, surely we can also arrange this for you. We are authorized, to take care of all customs formalities by ourselves in our office. Therefore we have directly contact with the customs and we have knowledge of all import and export restrictions, customs formalities and regulations. Real time we can track and trace whether the vehicle has left the EU.

Export license with insurance

Vehicles traveling on the road to leave the country of destination must be accompanied by a valid export registration. It is a temporary license plate, which is valid a limited number of days. Although there are some difficulties nowadays, there are still left some possibilities. The insurance for this temporary license plate, we naturally also can provide for you.
Together we make an appointment regarding the delivery date, so that everything is ready for a fast and correct delivery. Only thing you have to do is get in and go!

Commercial vehicle leasing

Purchasing a vehicle always means a substantial investment. Leasing a vehicle can be an interesting solution for you, there are countless possibilities.
We can mediate for example in operational leasing, financing, service contracts and lease and sale back constructions. We only work with recognized, highly reliable leasing companies inside and outside the Netherlands.

Commercial vehicle advice

Truck Trading Holland can advise you for vehicle purchases and also the sale of vehicles where you can rely on realistic market prices. If you have found somewhere else an interesting vehicle, we can mediate in their purchase. Your advantage is getting a favorable price and the certainty that the documents are correct. A vehicle without documents or missing documents has no value.

Stay overnight

If you want to stay outside our office hours with us, you have the option to stay in good hotels. You can also choose for a cheaper solution like Bed & Breakfast. We have a few facilities nearby our company.
Terborg is situated between the international airports of Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. With the cheaper charters you can choose nowadays also for the smaller airports, like for example, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Dusseldorf – Weeze.
Terborg is easily accessible by public transport, Terborg has even their own railway station. Once you have been arrived, call us and you will be picked up soon!




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